AVG Removal Tool 2016 Latest & Final Free Download


AVG Removal Tool 2016 Latest & Final Free Download

AVG Removal Tool 2016 Latest & Final Free Download

AVG Removal Tool 2016 is a simple very small sized yet powerful in its work tool that is used for the uninstallation or removal of the AVG antivirus or any utility by AVG from your pc or laptop.  The need for this type of tools comes because the official uninstaller or default app given with AVG antivirus or internet security program does not work so well. There are many issues with the official uninstaller of the AVG antivirus.  There are many customers and users who claim that they have tried several times to remove the avg from their computer but the uninstallation just doesn’t work or complete. For this very reason, AVG Removal Tool is here today free of cost. Just download and apply it on your pc. Or follow the instructions of how to use it at the end of this article. It not only removes the software itself, but also eliminated the active threads, data and user history on usage too.

No matter if your normal uninstallation app or utility is working just fine, It is highly suggested that after that UN installation, Use this AVG Removal Tool at least once to remove the left overs and logs and modules still remaining in your pc. So basically it cleans pc with the last bit of related things to AVG. It doesn’t matter which windows are you using, it will just remove all the log files, registration files, licensed added or used and even the history of the usage of the software. If you are planning to install another antivirus after removing the AVG removal tool, then use this AVG Removal Tool for completely erasing the data directly related or unrelated to the AVG.

How to Use?

First of all, download the AVG removal tool from link given at the end of this page. Then open the downloaded file and run it. You will get a popup saying as shown below.

You will have to close all other running applications before using this utility. The AVG Removal Tool will now go on and delete the every data that is directly related to AVG as well as the log files, license files, registry keys etc. in the command prompt.

Important Note:

You should have removed the AVG Antivirus via AVG Removal Tool 2016 with the help of the guide is shared with you. If you are stuck or still need help, Feel free to contact us via Contact Page. Thank you


AVG Removal Tool 2016

AVG Remover Tool 2016


AVG Removal Tool 2016 Latest & Final Full Free Download

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