Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Crack Full Version


Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Crack Manual Full Version Download

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Crack Full Version

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Crack Keygen is the latest powerful and reliable application that help you to get optimal performance from servers, automate system management, save time and reduce maintenance costs. This software combines all of Paragon’s technologies and expertise in storage lifecycle management, data protection and sanitization within stand-alone physical and virtual Windows environments. It’s the greatest utility program handles your backup tasks automatically from backing up the whole system, individual partitions or just selected files. Developers this software with lots of features and tools that offers fully support as compared to previous version.

Incremental and differential backup technologies make continuous system backups remarkably effective with the Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium. It’s very easy to use contain user friendly interface. It also offers a flexible Technician Licensing options for professionals managing mid-size groups of co-located servers. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Product Key also offers a live imaging and migration of Windows systems with 2 snapshot technologies Microsoft VSS and Paragon Hot Backup to guarantee fast and reliable live protection.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Crack Full Version

Features of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium:

Smart Backup Wizard:

To secure system and data with the minimal efforts is possible. With a unique intelligent work algorithm and a highly intuitive user interface, you can easily back up exactly what you want – the complete system, e-mail databases (MS Outlook, Express, Windows Mail) media files or office documents of the My Documents folder, or any other files and folders.

Differential backup:

To a sector image to only archive changes since the last full sector-based image, thus significantly saving the backup storage space. To restore this type of backup using Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Serial you will need a full image and one of its differentials.

Incremental backup to a sector image:

It’s an additional way of optimizing the process of disk imaging. Unlike differentials, it may not only contain data changed since the time of creating a full sector-based archive, but one of its increments as well, thus permitting to save more time and the backup storage. Introduction of a special index file that stores backup meta-information minimizes time and resources to create this kind of archives.

Incremental backup to a file image:

To only archive changes since the last full or incremental file-based image. An incremental image is smaller and takes less time to create. But you will need the initial full image and all of its increments to restore the latest point of this type of backup.

Rapid Create Partition Wizard to create a new partition in the most appropriate place of a hard disk, format it to NTFS and then make it accessible in the system by assigning a drive letter.

Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Manual Split Partition Wizard supports you to separate OS and data or various types of data by splitting one partition to 2 different partitions of the same type and file system.

Merge Partitions Wizard to unite the disk space that originally belongs to 2 adjacent partitions (NTFS, FAT16/FAT32), into a single, larger partition.

Redistribute Free Space Wizard to increase free space on one partition by up-taking the on-disk unallocated space and the unused space of other partitions.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium Crack Full Version

Supported Operating System:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows SBS 2011
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2


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